Friday, May 24, 2019

Brother Thompson was honored with the Medal Of Valor By President Donald Trump

Congress passed The Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor Act in 2001, which created the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor, the highest national award for valor by a public safety officer.

Freemasonry Squared reported on the events during the atrocities of the Dallas shooting during a protest that day.

Brother Brent Thomason, 43, Member of DeMolay Gold Chapter, Master Mason of Corsicana Lodge No. 174, Corsicana, Texas and nearly a seven-year veteran of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency(D.A.R.T.) was called to the celestial lodge above after his heroic actions during the Dallas shooting on July 7, 2016. Brother Thompson was honored with the Medal Of Valor By President Donald Trump.

“He gave his life while engaging a mass shooter and saving the lives of countless civilians and fellow officers during a protest march in Dallas on July 7, 2016,” DART said in a statement.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Open Carry says the Grand Lodge of Texas

The Grand Lodge of Texas has just passed a resolution that will give the right to carry a legal and licensed gun in Blue Lodge upon the approval of each individual Worshipful Master.

What does this mean?

As long as the Worshipful Master of the lodge gives the okay than you're allowed to wear your weapon.

Thoughts? Would your Grand Lodge ever consider a similar resolution?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Ringling Bros bring down the Big Top permanently

The story just broke over the last 24 hours that our Masonic Brethren that began Ringling Bros. Circus will shut down its big top after over 100 years in operation.

"I have made the difficult business decision that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® will hold its final performances in May of this year," CEO Kenneth Feld said.

High operating costs and the decline of ticket sales "made the circus an unsustainable business for the company," Feld said.

And after "the transition of the elephants off the road, we saw an even more dramatic drop" in ticket sales, Feld said.

Outside the big top, the Ringling Bros. runs an elephant conservation center, a 200 acre of rural land in Florida, between Tampa and Orlando.

Owned and operated in 1995 by Ringlinig, the center focuses on the care and study of Asian elephants -- an endangered species that it had uses in its shows.

It's well known in our masonic circles that all seven Ringling Bros. Including their father were raised to the sublime degree at Baraboo Masonic Lodge No. 34 in Wisconsin.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Grand Lodge Grant's Social Media Guidelines [U.G.L.E.]

The United Grand Lodge of England published their Social Media Guidelines and Regulations regarding the proper use and expectations of each individual mason, masonic organization and or entities/administrators with masonic content on their page/platform. For the most part, these are what would be normally expected from a master mason that lives by the tenets of the Craft. It will however be more clear when a non-masonic or masonic group, individual mason, administrator of a masonic entity public announcing their masonic affiliation or otherwise sharing masonic information when they may be in violation of said policies. These guild lines also clear up the personal conduct of a member on their own personal pages. As we’ve said before, “If you taken the responsibility of wearing the apron and making that information public, you must be willing to take the responsibility of acting accordingly while participating online. This might throw a wrench in many of those, “extreme, racial or far left/right political post” we have to unfollow members to avoid.  The Freemasonry Squared Team is excited for the increase of policing of masonic conduct online. It would seem that anyone that has been following our precepts won’t have to do much to continue to fall under the new guild lines. What do you think about the new guide lines? Would you have to watch what you post on you personal private page? Comment below and tell us what you think.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Moving to a New Location

Moving to a New Location!
While Blogger has been an amazing platform for the Freemasonry Squared Team to express Masonic news, articles, papers and education for the Craft. We have deliberated and at the conclusion of our stated meeting (we like to call out monthly meeting “stated” in reference to our business meetings), the Freemasonry Squared Team is MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION and that’s not all. We currently self titled our masonic blog site [Freemasonry Squared] but in an attempt to clarify specific areas of what we do, we are rolling out:


The team will continue to keep our old page up for a few months while we build our archives with new masonic topics, articles, papers, news, education and more. We will also keep everyone in the loop when will come down. Freemasonry Squared is growing exponentially and we continue to share new and innovative ways to bring the Craft to you, though us! We will announce publicly when The Secret Chamber Masonic Blog is published. Until then, connect with us on our various social media site for updates on the Masonic Blog. Another quick announcement, we have taken our Main website down ( This was done because not only are we revamping our look but are creating an educational section for master masons only FREE! Further details will be released as they come about. We thank our brethren for your support and those that enjoy what the Freemasonry Squared brings to the table.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
The Freemasonry Squared Team

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Food for thought: Internet Boom

It’s not new news that the fraternity has begun to shape its online presence from Facebook pages, Twitter Accounts, Blogger and Word Press Sites to Dot.Com and Dot.Org sites. The Freemasonry Squared Team remembers a time when discussing the benefits and either evolving with the times or dissolving into the history books of gentlemen pass times; the irony of vitriol.

Now all you have to do is search Freemasonry on any search engine or social media outlet and you’ll find plenty of pages ready to give you master mason advice, masonic information, mentorship and masonic education about the Craft but when does the inquirer ask if what he is getting is authentic? Secondly, what is ones definition of authentic masonic information? During the course of researching pages and sites, we’ve found that there are plethora’s that have zero masonic affiliation other then curiosity. Before we go any further, as long as information is factual and truthful, the Freemasonry Squared Team sees no fault in spreading light on the Craft. We do however ask ourselves, what are they in it for? Any attempt at answering this question in itself would be only speculation but it is something the fraternity should be asking. There are however, plenty of great sites that are verifiably authored and administered by brothers of the fraternity, pages like W.B. Christopher Hodapp’s, Freemasons for dummies site/page, W.B. Arturo de Hoyo’s page/books/ and SRSJ site, The Winding Stairs site/page, Masonic Roundtable site/page/podcast, our page/site/YouTube/google+ of course, not to mention all of the Grand Lodge pages currently promoting the Craft. Even our beloved United Grand Lodge of England is getting in on the action!

Again, if a site is promoting good and truthful information, then you’re okay in our book but it does beg the question, Why do they do it and what are they looking for in return? Food for thought…

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

10 Unique Things About Freemasonry In Black & White

10 Unique Things About Freemasonry In Black & White

1.            Freemasonry doesn’t measure a man’s worth by his achievements, worldly materials or what he has accumulated; he is measured by his character and morality.
2.            The fraternity transcends religious, political and ethnic bias. The Requirements for eligibility are his inner qualifications.
3.            The Craft requires a belief in a “Supreme Being”, but the decision as to who or what that Supreme Being is or the secular system the candidate belongs to, is solely an individual choice. Freemasonry does not dictate or force a belief system upon an individual, any such action would be deemed un-masonic.
4.            Freemasonry although philanthropic, is not a philanthropy organization. The fraternity chooses the charitable causes that it donates to. This decision is broken down on many levels from blue lodge, grand lodge and appendant bodies. A blue lodge may choose to assist their local community while an appending body, the Shriners for example, have the Shriners Hospitals.
5.            While some religious organizations may have preconceived notions towards dual membership in both their organization and the masonic body, Freemasonry does not. The fraternity does not look at what church, temple or group a man adheres to, nor will it impact his eligibility. They may ask, for the simple purpose of inquiry and educating the candidate on masonic history ensuring he knows what he is getting into.
6.            The teachings and lessons will only truly work if the candidate opens his heart to the precepts. Anything less is unproductive for himself and the Craft. The job of a mason is Work; if he is stagnate or not working, he should reevaluate his trestle board.
7.            Freemasonry is not for everyone, the Craft requires your time… your free time at that. In a time when we’re juggling everything from family life and work, you must ask yourself: Do you have the time?
8.            The Craft is a life long fraternity and brotherhood. This is something that upon inquiring, a man should reflect on.
9.            Freemasonry requires tolerance and an open mind; any bigotry, racism and discrimination have no place in the fraternity. This is not to be taken that a member should only practice this precept “In Lodge”, but on the contrary, this should be practice in every aspect of a mason’s life. This isn’t to say he cannot form an opinion but that opinion should always be weighed with logic and reason.
10.          Mason’s are very passionate about what they do, never under estimate what an old master mason can accomplish when he puts his mind to it.


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